Introducing the Equity – Diversity – Inclusion – Anti-Racism (EDIA) Network

November 8, 2022

Abbotsford School District employees have come together to create the EDIA Network. The diversity of the group is its strength, bringing together multiple perspectives. The Network includes teachers, Indigenous support workers, youth care workers, speech and language pathologists, education assistants, administrators, and school counsellors. The purpose of the EDIA Network is to engage in equity, diversity, inclusion, and Anti-racism education and projects. 

Throughout the district, prodigious EDIA work is happening, and it is imperative to amplify the profile of the engagement but also support colleagues that would like to get involved but need support with accessible entry points. Thus, there is an emphasis on creating safe but courageous spaces to learn from one another, get involved in collaborative projects or network with colleagues. One member shared, “I am extremely passionate about learning more about EDIA, but sometimes I hesitate because I am unsure what to do because I do not want to offend anyone. Talking it out with others helps me process what I am trying to implement in my classroom” (Abbyschools Elementary Educator). 

The EDIA network meets in person monthly, but meeting times are fluid as subgroups may add additional meeting times to collaborate on short-term EDIA projects. All meetings are optional, respecting the time and obligations of each individual. Identified potential EDIA projects include but are not limited to Anti-Racism education, identity lessons that focus on intersectionality, and literacy projects concentrating on creating lessons to infuse books with diverse themes into cross-curricular lessons and units. Also, student voice projects sharing the lived experiences and perspectives of the student’s cultural and racial identity is a high priority. We all are excited to engage in this exciting work together. 

All Abbotsford School District employees are invited to join the EDIA Network. If interested, please get in touch with to receive further information. 

CORE, Learning Support Services