Thoughtful Discourse around School Experiences

The Structural Lens asks us to examine the impact of key policies, practices, and resource allocation decisions on students and communities. It invites us to establish equitable opportunities to reach positive academic and socioemotional outcomes for students impacted by structural inequity. As teachers engage students in their learning and reflect on their success using the Structural Lens, the following guiding questions can be used to support policies and practices that reflect diversity, equity and inclusion.

What it looks like:

  • Supporting school-based policies and practices that reflect on diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Reflecting on district policies and practices
  • Providing opportunities to examine inequitable policies and practices
  • Inviting community engagement

Guiding Questions:

  • Does my district have policies, practices and governance procedures that reflect a dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion?
  • Are there policies, practices and governance procedures that undermine my students receiving the high quality education they deserve and need?
  • In what ways can I address power relationships that discourage academic, social and emotional learning?
  • Are there processes for routinely scanning for and ensuring equity of access to transportation, extracurricular activities, codes of conduct, specialized programs and transitions from early years to K-12 programs?
  • Are families and communities made to feel welcome and valued as part of the learning environment?

Applications and Resources:

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